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The three apostles that had ascended to heaven with Jesus returned to earth to preach the gospel, but they were forbidden to speak about what they had seen and heard while in heaven. Their bodies were changed so that they could no longer suffer pain, and they could not experience sorrow except at the sins of the world.

3 Nephi 28:16-38


They were thrown into prison by those who did not belong to the Church, but the prison broke apart. They were thrown into pits, but no matter how deep a pit they were thrown into, they escaped. Three times they were thrown into a furnace, but were not burned. And twice they were thrown to wild animals, but were unharmed.

3 Nephi 28:19-22


Unable to be killed or harmed, these three apostles continued going forth across the land to preach the gospel to all people and unite them in the Church of Christ. The names of these three apostles has been kept a secret to keep their identities hidden from the world, but they are still among the Gentiles to this day.

3 Nephi 28:23-27


Over the next few years all of the people in the land were baptized and joined the Church. There were no longer Nephites or Lamanites or any other kind of -ites, just Christians who obeyed the commandments. There was no murder, robbery, prostitution, lying, or even arguing among the people. They had all become a fair and delightsome people.

4 Nephi 1:1-17


Private ownership of property was abandoned, and all things were held in common. There were no rich and no poor, and everyone dealt justly with one another. Jesus blessed them with extreme prosperity. Cities that Jesus had burned down were rebuilt, including the great city of Zarahemla. There was peace and happiness for 200 years.



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