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Males and females have somewhat different natures. Accordingly, some roles are best suited to the masculine nature, some are best suited to the feminine nature. While boys are receiving priesthood authority and becoming representatives of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, girls—every single one of them— should be preparing themselves for marriage and domestic responsibilities.


Neither gender should envy the other for these eternal differences. When we were spirits in the premortal existence, faithful males were foreordained to the tasks of the priesthood while faithful females were foreordained to certain other assignments. We all agreed to this and accepted our roles. Just because you can't remember the premortal existence does mean you are not bound to those agreements.


Every female Latter-day Saint should appreciate how special it is for Heavenly Father to have given them the lofty assignment of providing physical bodies for his spirit children, nurturing them with her own body, sacrificing her own comfort—sometimes even her own life—and guiding them toward the knowledge of gospel truths, so they can return to their Father in Heaven.


Some ignorant or vicious people are attempting to destroy the concept of two distinct genders. Increasing amounts of women dress and act like men, and increasing amounts of men dress and act like women. Satan, in his strenuous effort to thwart God's plan and bring us as his captives down to hell, seeks to confuse what it means to be male or female. Certainly, those who corrupt their bodies and change their sex status will answer to their Maker.


Satan and his angels are also attempting to lure women away from their roles as mothers, wives, and homemakers. Beguiling voices on television and radio, and in books and magazines, are saying that some women are better suited for careers than for marriage and motherhood. They claim women should enjoy the freedom to pursue their own goals, and that there are more exciting and self-fulfilling alternative lifestyles than being shackled to husbands, children, and housework.


It's strange that some females want to enter into professions on an equal basis with males. It's not that women lack the brainpower or skills to perform men's work, but the business world is competitive and at times ruthless. Necessarily, this causes women to have to become aggressive and competitive, thereby diminishing their godly attributes and giving them a certain sameness with males.


There's no question that females can do exceptionally well in the workplace, but the question is whether this is the best use of their God-given talents and feminine traits. Girls should be taught the arts and sciences of housekeeping, including cooking, sewing, baking bread, planning family menus, and domestic finances. These girls will become career women in the greatest career there is on earth—that of wife, mother, and homemaker.


Too many women spend their time engaged in politics and public services. To become a successful mother is greater than to become successful in an a political career. Women can make no greater contribution to mankind than raising good children. When the real history of mankind is revealed, what happened in cradles and kitchens will be proven to be more controlling than what happened in Congress.



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