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After this, a prophet of Jesus named Ether arose during the reign of King Coriantumr, and the Spirit of the Lord was in him. From morning until evening he called on the people to repent lest they be destroyed. He told them that those with faith can hope to one day have a place at the right hand of God.

Ether 12:1-4


Ether told the people that a man named Lehi would one day arrive from Jerusalem. He also told them that a New Jerusalem would one day be built in their land, and that Enoch's city of Zion would come down from heaven. But the people rejected all the words of Ether and exiled him. So Ether lived in a cave where he wrote a record of his people and observed their destruction.

Ether 13:2-15


In the same year Ether was exiled, a terrible war broke out among the people. Mighty men rose up and with their secret plans of wickedness they tried to destroy King Coriantumr. But the king had studied all the arts of war and cunning of the world, and he battled against them successfully, but was wounded in his thigh.


While Coriantumr recuperated for two years, there was war all across the land with every man and his band fighting for whatever they desired. A terrible curse came upon the whole land such that when any man put down a tool or sword, in the morning it would be gone. So every man held tight to his possessions and kept his sword in hand to defend his property and his family.

Ether 13:25, 31
Ether 14:1-2


From one of the secret combinations came a man of great stature named Lib who gained kingship over half the people. Coriantumr and his army attacked the army of Lib and pursued them to the seashore. Lib struck Coriantumr's arm, wounding him, and Lib's army gained the upper hand.

Ether 14:10-14


Lib's army pursued Coriantumr's army to the plains of Agosh where another battle broke out. And here Coriantumr struck at Lib until he died.

Ether 14:15-16


But Lib's brother Shiz took control of Lib's army and caused Coriantumr and his men to flee. As Shiz pursued Coriantumr, he moved from city to city slaughtering women and children and burning their cities.

Ether 14:16-17


There was a fear of Shiz all across the land, and people said, "Who can stand before the army of Shiz?"

Ether 14:18



Destruction of the Jaredite Civilization

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