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All those who accepted the gospel and were faithful followers of Jesus during their lives are received into the part of the Spirit World known as Paradise where they are welcomed with great rejoicing by friends far more numerous than they had during mortal life.


Spirits in Paradise are happy and peaceful, free from all sorrows, ailments, troubles, worries, and pain. They can move as quick as lightning to any spot on Earth, and can even observe the past. One could view the Garden of Eden in Missouri just after its creation, Jerusalem at the time of Jesus, or modern day China.


The Church is organized in the Spirit World as it is in mortal life, and is under the direction of Joseph Smith. Priesthood holders and other Church leaders carry on their responsibilities in Paradise, for it is a realm for acquiring greater knowledge, and to further preparations for returning to the presence of Heavenly Father in the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven after the Resurrection.



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