How to Live Today » The Outer Darkness

[this teaching has not yet been illustrated]


Satan and his angels—the one third of all Heavenly Father's innumerable trillions of spirit children, who rebelled before the Earth was formed—are destined to suffer an eternity of misery and endless torture in the Outer Darkness, a lake of fire and brimstone whose flames are unquenchable, and whose smoke rises ever upward. The wrath of God is upon them without mercy.


These sons of perdition will be joined by all those who committed unpardonable sins, including many apostates from the Church—those who, having been baptized and received the Holy Ghost, then chose to deny Jesus. They are doomed to continue in the same conditions they experienced in Hell for all eternity, and the magnitude of their misery is incomprehensible.



Also from the creator of The Brick Book of Mormon:

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