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Jesus will then usher in a 1,000-year period of love, peace, and joy. At its start, the world will be transfigured so that it is restored to its original paradisiacal glory. There will be no violence between any creatures. Carnivorous animals will become herbivores, and lions will lie down with lambs. Cows and bears will feed together, and young children will play with asps.


There will be three great and holy cities on earth: Zion, built by the Saints in Missouri; Jerusalem, built by the Jews in Israel; and Enoch's city of Zion—which was taken up to heaven—now will return to earth. All those who were caught up to meet Jesus during the first resurrection will descend with the Savior, and he will personally head the government of the entire world.


Jesus will cause all those on earth to speak the pure language that was originally used by Adam and Eve. And he will make all things known to them, revealing the secret things to mankind that had never been known before—precious knowledge about things on earth below and heaven above.


It is not the case that all non-Mormons will be swept from the earth during the destruction of the wicked. The millions of people living during Jesus's millennial reign will include Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, and agnostics who led good lives. But all will have to bow the knee to Jesus and confess that he is the messiah. People from heaven will visit earth to help with the great missionary work of converting everyone to the Church.


Members of the Church will continue to build temples and participate in temple work, receiving baptisms and other rituals for the dead, and preparing the records of their ancestors. The Saints will be guided in this work by revelation and aided by visitors from heaven, helping to correct any errors, and eventually completing a perfect chain of Priesthood from the time of Adam and Eve up to the present.


For the most part, life will continue as it does today. People will eat, drink, build houses, plant crops, have and raise children who will all live to be 100 years old. Though people will still have agency, they will not sin, for Satan will have no power to tempt anyone, and all will live together in peace and harmony. The former implements of war will be turned toward useful purposes.



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