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When the earth was ready for the greatest creation of all, Heavenly Father himself became personally involved. He created a beautiful place called the Garden of Eden in a place that would later be known as Jackson County, Missouri, on the American continent—though this was before the land had divided into separated continents.


The physical bodies of a man and a woman were organized and assembled from the elements. The spirit of Michael the archangel was put into the body of the man, and the spirit of another of Heavenly Father's most valiant children named Eve was put into the woman. The Creators then breathed life into their nostrils, and the woman was given to the man as a companion and helpmate.


Heavenly Father gave Adam a pure, perfect, and undefiled language with which to speak. This Adamic language is far superior to any known today. It is the celestial tongue spoken by the gods—or an adaptation of it befitting the limitations of mortality. Heavenly Father also bestowed on Adam and his posterity the power to read and write.


Modern education would have you believe that the story of Adam and Eve is but a myth from an age of foolish ignorance and superstition, and that humankind evolved from lower life forms over billions of years. But such beliefs are utterly incompatible with what has been divinely revealed to us. Humans did not evolve from monkeys, and a bird cannot become an animal or a fish.


In their state of innocence Adam and Eve were unable to comprehend good and evil. They felt no joy, misery, pain, or sorrow. Like all living things in the garden, they were in a state of immortality—although their bodies were of flesh and bones, they were kept alive by spirit rather than blood. Because their bodies were not yet mortal, they could not have children.


Heavenly Father himself brought Adam and Eve together in eternal marriage. He gave them dominion over all the earth, and gave them two commands. He told them to begin having children so that more spirit children waiting in heaven could acquire bodies to live in on Earth. And he told them not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for if they did, they would have to leave the garden and on that day they would die.



Satan and the Fall

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