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When Moniancumer and Jared became old and near death, the Jaredites gathered and asked that one of their sons be made king. Moriancumer was saddened by this request and warned that a king would lead to captivity. His sons all refused to become king. Three of Jared's sons also refused, but the fourth, named Orihah, accepted and was made king.


Moriancumer and Jared died. King Orihah walked humbly before Jesus, and he ruled righteously throughout his long life, as did his son Kib who succeeded him. The people became extremely rich, and King Kib had a son named Corihor.


At age 32, Corihor rebelled against his father. He moved to the land of Nehor where he gathered an army and had sons and daughters who were extremely attractive, and thus Corihor drew many people away from his father's kingdom.

Ether 7:4


Eventually Corihor brought his army against the land of Moron where his father the king lived. He seized the kingdom and put King Kib and his people into captivity, thus fulfilling Moriancumer's prophecy.


When he was extremely old, while still living in captivity, Kib fathered a son named Shule. Shule grew up to be mighty in strength and judgment, and was angry with his brother Corihor. Shule gathered followers and armed them by going to Ephraim Hill and smelting swords out of steel.

Ether 7:7-9


Shule and his army attacked Corihor at the city of Nehor, and won back the kingdom for his extremely old father Kib. For what he had done, Kib gave the throne to Shule, and Shule reigned righteously. He spread his kingdom across the entire land and the people became extremely numerous.

Ether 7:9-11


Corihor repented his evil deeds and King Shule put him in a position of power in his kingdom. But a son of Corihor named Noah rebelled against King Shule. Noah's brothers and many others followed him, and after two battles, Noah took King Shule captive, bringing him to the land of Moron.

Ether 7:14-17


Noah was planning to put King Shule to death, but King Shule's sons sneaked into Noah's house at night and killed him. Then they broke their father out of prison and restored him to his throne in his own kingdom.

Ether 7:18



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