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After the final defeat of Satan, all of the people who ever lived on Earth will now be in their resurrected state. Everyone's spirits will be permanently reunited with their physical body—including any wounds incurred during life. These defects and infirmities will not always be with them, though. In the course of time, even if a body was deformed, marred, burned with fire, or eaten by sharks, eventually every limb and joint will be returned to its place.


Every single one of us will be brought before Heavenly Father for a Final Judgement. The Father has delegated our judgement to the Son, and Jesus has, in turn, called upon others to assist him. His twelve apostles from his mortal ministry will judge the tribes of Israel, and his twelve apostles from America will judge the Nephite and Lamanite people.


Every person will stand before the bar and be judged according to their words, their actions, and their very thoughts and desires, for God knows each and every one of our secret thoughts and the intents of our hearts. Such things have all been recorded in the Book of Life kept in heaven, and they are also stored inside of us, written in the tablets of our own minds. And from that inner record we will testify against ourselves, unable to lie.



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