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When it was time to make our earth, Heavenly Father chose his son Jesus Christ to make it and told him how to make it. Our world was organized out of materials from other planets that had broken up—matter that exists eternally, but which was in a chaotic state—the same as a man might organize materials to build a ship. Earth was created in six days, but these were days according to Kolob's time, where one day is 1,000 of our Earth years.


Jesus acted in concert with other Gods to create our world. Jesus was assisted by the archangel Michael, whose part in creating Earth was second only to that of Jesus. Other noble and great ones played a part as well, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joseph Smith, and the disciples Peter, James, and John.


They made the sun, the moon, and the stars. They separated the land from the sea and made rivers and lakes. They planted trees, grass, and flowers. And they created the animals—fish, birds, cattle, and insects, and all of these became living souls, for it is not only man who has a spirit, but even the trees as well. All beings could reproduce only after their own kind. No system of evolution was established.


From heaven we looked down and saw this earth being created for us. We understood long before it was created that in this vale of tears there would be sorrow, disappointment, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, but nonetheless we were anxious to come and live our mortal lives on Earth at the first opportunity, and to have the chance to overcome sin and fulfill the purpose of this creation: to raise ourselves to godhood.



Our Premortal Lives

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