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Everything that Heavenly Father does works toward the goal of having his spirit children reach the Celestial Kingdom, and he waits anxiously at that destination to greet them. Alas, only a few will successfully return to his presence. Nothing will be more startling to those who arrive at this highest degree of heavenly glory than the realization of how familiar the face of Heavenly Father is to them.


Those arriving in the Celestial Kingdom will find themselves amid beauty beyond what any mortal has ever seen, and music surpassing anything mortal ears have heard. They will be cheered on by those reigning in the royal courts on high. Such a regal homecoming would be impossible without anticipatory arrangements of Heavenly Mother.


And what is the location of this most glorious of realms where Heavenly Father and Jesus shall dwell? It will be here upon our Earth after its final glorification in which it will be sanctified and become a celestialized planet fit for Heavenly Father to grace with his presence, bringing heaven down with him. It will be a globe like a sea of glass and fire, but will retain all its mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms.


All the children who were born on Earth and would have received the gospel if they had not died before the age of 8 will be awaiting their mothers in the Celestial Kingdom. These children will have precisely the same form and appearance as they did when they died, but they will now possess all the intelligence of a god.


If someone returns to the presence of Heavenly Father alone, they will be asked, "Where is the rest of your family?" Those who have a child or other family member who was barred from the Celestial Kingdom will feel sorrow. Heavenly Father shares this feeling because many of his children are forced to suffer his wrath for eternity, and this causes all of heaven to weep with sorrow.



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