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A number of years later there was a man named Sherem who preached to the Nephites that the belief that Christ would come to Earth was false. He was very learned and well-spoken and used flattery to lead many people astray using the power of Satan.

Jacob 7:1-4


Sherem said to Jacob, "Brother Jacob, you go about preaching the belief in a Christ you say will appear hundreds of years from now. You pervert the Law of Moses and the right way of God and you've lead many astray. I, Sherem, declare to you that this is blasphemy, for no man can know of such things or tell the future."

Jacob 7:6-7


"You deny that Christ will come? Don't you believe in the scriptures?" Jacob asked him. "Yes," said Sherem. "Then you don't understand them," said Jacob. "For they speak of Christ. Every one of the prophets has spoken about Christ. What's more, the Holy Ghost has assured me it is true!" Then Sherem said, "Show me a sign by this power of the Holy Ghost you know so much about." Sherem wanted Jacob to prove what he said was true by showing him a miracle.

Jacob 7:9-12


"You want me to tempt God to show you a sign of something you already know is true?" asked Jacob. "You would not believe it anyhow, because you are of Satan. Nevertheless, it's not my decision, let Jesus's will be done. But if God strikes you down, let that be a sign to you that Christ will come."


Jacob gave the Nephites the word of Jesus, saying, "If I, Jesus, want men to raise up many offspring to me in a short amount of time, I will command them accordingly, but otherwise you shall obey these words." Men are only authorized to take multiple wives if Jesus commands it or authorizes it through his appointed priesthood leaders. Otherwise it is a very serious sin.


When Jacob finished saying these words, the power of Jesus came upon Sherem. Sherem was tended to for many days, but he was weak and he knew he was going to die. He asked all the people to gather around him. He told them that he had lied about Christ because he had been deceived by Satan. He said that he now feared that he had committed the unforgivable sin and that his fate would be awful. And then he died.


The people witnessing this were astonished and the power of God came down upon them to the degree that they were overcome and fell to the ground. This was all pleasing to Jacob, for he had been praying for something like this to happen, and Heavenly Father had answered his prayers. The peace and love of God was restored among the Nephites, and they no longer listened to the wicked Sherem.

Jacob 7:21-23



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