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In the premortal existence, Heavenly Father chose certain of his most noble and great spirit children to be his rulers on Earth and he prepared them for their missions. These included Abraham, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Mary and Joseph, Brigham Young, and many others.


Michael the archangel and Eve were chosen to be the first spirit children of Heavenly Father to come to Earth and to become the primal parents of humanity. Heavenly Father promised Michael great blessings, saying, "I have set you to be at the head. A multitude of nations will come from you, and you will be a prince over them forever."


Heavenly Father reserved certain fine spirits to be born during the earth's last days so they could build up a latter-day kingdom of God. Long before the foundations of the earth were laid, it was decreed that Joseph Smith would be the man to bring forth the word of God to the people and preside over the final age, and Heavenly Father prepared him for his pivotal role in restoring God's church.


Because of their faith and obedience in the premortal life, thousands and thousands of Heavenly Father's spirit children were selected to become members of the house of Israel in mortal life. They would become princes and princesses of a royal covenant family and would be commissioned to take the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation.


There were no national distinctions among the spirits in the premortal existence—such as Americans, Europeans, Asians, or Australians. Such things are determined when each spirit is born into its mortal life. Based largely on the kind of lives we lived in the premortal world, Heavenly Father determines an individual’s placement among tribes and nations so we can learn the lessons we need, and do the most good with our specific talents and personalities.


As any great contractor would do before constructing, Heavenly Father drew up a blueprint for Earth and wrote down the specifications. He then called all his remaining spirit children together, and the plans for forming the Earth were perfected. The plan was that the gods would make the land, water, atmosphere, and animal kingdom, and give dominion over all of it to man.


Our earth is only one of many worlds inhabited by Heavenly Father's spirit children. Indeed, Heavenly Father has created far more earths than there are particles of matter that make up our earth. Many of these earths have already passed away, and new earths have been created after ours. This will continue for all eternity. And Jesus is the Savior to the inhabitants of all these worlds.



The Creation of Earth

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