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After the bodies of those put in the fire had been burnt up, the chief judge slapped Alma and Amulek across the face and said, "After seeing what you have just seen, will you still preach against this people that we will be thrown into a lake of fire and brimstone? It looks like you did not have the power to save those put in the fire, and neither did God save them even though they believed."

Alma 14:14-15


The chief judge slapped them again and had them thrown into prison with no food, water, or clothes, and they were kept tied up with strong ropes. After many days, the chief judge came and said to them, "If you have the power of God to rescue yourselves from these ropes, then we will believe that Jesus will destroy our people as you've predicted."

Alma 14:17-24


Many of the lawyers, judges, priests, and teachers of Ammonihah also said the same to the prisoners, and each slapped them in the face. Then Alma cried out, saying, "Jesus, how long shall we allow our terrible suffering to continue? Give us strength, Jesus—because of our faith in Christ—to rescue ourselves!" And Alma and Amulek broke free of the ropes.

Alma 14:18, 25-26


When the people saw this, they feared that destruction had come upon them, and they began to flee, but in their great fear they could not find the exit to the prison. The earth shook mightily and the walls of the prison broke apart and collapsed. The chief judge, and the lawyers, judges, priests, and teachers were all killed, while Alma and Amulek were unharmed.

Alma 14:26-28


The people of Ammonihah came to see what had caused such a loud noise, but when they saw Alma and Amulek, they fled from them like a goat flees with her young from two lions. Alma and Amulek were commanded to leave the city, and they went to Sidom where they found all those who had been run out of Ammonihah with stones thrown at them. They informed them what had happened to their wives and children.

Alma 14:29
Alma 15:1-2


Alma and Amulek found Zeezrom there, but he was very sick and his mind was very troubled over the acts of wickedness he had done. But since he now believed in the power of Christ to save, they were able to heal him. Zeezrom jumped out of his bed and began to walk. They baptized him, and started a church in Sidom where the people continually prayed to be rescued from Satan, death, and destruction.

Alma 15:5-13, 17


But the people of Ammonihah remained stubborn, and they said that all of Alma and Amulek's power had come from Satan, and they did not repent. Then, after years of peace in the land, in 81 BC, the armies of the Lamanites came into the land and began their attack at Ammonihah, slaughtering the people and destroying the city.

Alma 15:15
Alma 16:1-2


Before the Nephites could raise a sufficient army to drive the Lamanites out of the land, the Lamanites destroyed the people of Ammonihah. Every single person in the city was killed. After the Lamanites were driven away, the city of Ammonihah was left desolate. Their bodies of the people were mangled by dogs and wild beasts. And the stench became so terrible that no one went there for many years.

Alma 16:3, 8-11



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