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Back in the city of Zarahemla, three years after the death of King Benjamin, the land was at peace, and King Mosiah II wondered what had ever become of Zeniff's expedition to the land of Nephi two generations before. The pestering of his people convinced the king to allow 16 strong men to head off to the land of Nephi to find out what happened to them.

Mosiah 7:1-2


They were lead by a mighty man named Ammon. Since they didn't know the route, they wandered for 40 days in the wilderness before coming across the city of Shilom. They pitched their tents on a hill overlooking the city. Then Ammon chose three of his men to approach the city gate with him.

Mosiah 7:3-6


Now at this time, King Limhi's people were still on the look out for the priests of King Noah who had stolen the young Lamanite women and caused so much destruction to come upon them. Mistaking Ammon and his men for these wicked priests, King Limhi's guards seized them, tied them up, and had them thrown in prison.

Mosiah 21:20-23


After two days in prison they were brought before the king who said, "I am Limhi, son of Noah, and grandson of Zeniff who came from the land of Zarahemla to repossess this land for the Nephites. Who are you, and why were you so bold as to walk up to our city gate that was surrounded by guards?"

Mosiah 7:9-11


Ammon bowed down before the king, and then stood up again and replied, "I am Ammon, a descendant of Zarahemla, and I have come to discover what happened to Zeniff's expedition from Zarahemla." At this, Limhi was filled with great joy, and said, "Now I know for certain that my brothers in Zarahemla are still alive!"

Mosiah 7:12-14
Mosiah 21:24


"My people are in servitude to the Lamanites who have put a dreadful tax on us," said Limhi. "But now our brothers can rescue us from the power of the Lamanites! We would even be willing to be their slaves, for it is better to be slaves to the Nephites than it is to pay tribute to the king of the Lamanites!"

Mosiah 7:15


Limhi showed Ammon the gold plates that his men had recovered from the ruins on their failed expedition to find Zarahemla, and he asked Ammon, "Do you know anyone who can translate these? Doubtless they contain a great mystery!" Ammon replied, "Yes, the king of Zarahemla is a seer. He is greater than a prophet, for a seer is also a revelator who has been given great power from God and can work mighty miracles."

Mosiah 8:7-17


King Limhi and Ammon then turned their attention to devising a way to rescue Limhi's people from Lamanite servitude. They could think of no other way to accomplish this than to have the people escape their city. They consulted with the people to devise a plan, and one of the king's counselors named Gideon proposed a scheme that Limhi and Ammon approved.

Mosiah 8:21:26
Mosiah 22:1-9


While the people secretly gathered their flocks, their gold, silver, precious things and all that they could carry, their Lamanite overseers were brought their usual tribute of wine, plus extra wine as a gift. The guards all got so drunk that they did not notice as Limhi's people departed by night into the wilderness.

Mosiah 22:6-11


When the Lamanites realized what happened, they sent an army after them, but after two days they could no longer follow their tracks, and they became lost in the wilderness. After a journey of many days, Limhi's people reached Zarahemla and were welcomed with joy by King Mosiah II, and they became his subjects.

Mosiah 22:13-16


Now the high priest Alma and his people had also escaped Lamanite servitude, and after twelve days of travel through the wilderness, they too arrived at Zarahemla, and King Mosiah II also welcomed them with joy.

Mosiah 24:25



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