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The families of Lehi, Ishmael, and Zoram planted the seeds they had brought with them on their ship, and their crops grew abundantly. As they explored the promised land, they found beasts of everytype useful to man in the forests, including horses, cows, oxen, and every type of wild animal. They also found gold, silver, and copper ore.

1 Nephi 18:24-25


Jesus commanded Nephi to engrave two distinct records of his people on metal plates. Nephi was obedient even though he did not know why two distinct records were necessary. Knowing the future, however, Jesus saw that more than 2,000 years later, Joseph Smith would require a second and different record of Nephi's people in order to thwart a Satanic plot to discredit the Book of Mormon.


When Lehi was very old, he gathered his family before he died and said, "How merciful it was of Jesus to lead us out of Jerusalem, because I have now seen in a vision that Jerusalem has been destroyed. Jesus has promised this land to my descendants forever and to people of other countries who will come here. In his wisdom, Jesus keeps this land hidden from other nations, lest they overrun it. The only people to come to this land will be people brought by Jesus."

2 Nephi 4:12
2 Nephi 1:3-8


"As long as the people in this promised land obey Jesus's commandments," said Lehi, "they will prosper and be blessed, and no other people will harm them or take away their inheritance. But when they lose their belief and reject Jesus, other nations will be brought here to take possession of the land, and Jesus will cause the inhabitants to become scattered and struck down, with generation after generation of bloodshed and destruction."

2 Nephi 1:9-12


"Listen to my words and awake from the sleep of hell! Shake off the awful chains by which men are taken captive down to the eternal gulf of misery and woe. Hear the words of a trembling parent who is nearly dead! I am sad and I fear that because of your stubbornness, Jesus will destroy you with the fullness of his wrath. I hope it does not happen, but let his will be done, for Jesus's ways are righteous forever."

2 Nephi 1:13-19


To Laman and Lemuel, Lehi said, "Stop rebelling against your brother Nephi, for he has kept the commandments and has been God's instrument in bringing us to the promised land. You get angry when he rebukes you, but it is only Nephi boldly speaking the word of God against you. Listen to Nephi and you will not perish."

2 Nephi 1:24-29


After Lehi had finished speaking to his family, he died and was buried.

2 Nephi 4:12



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