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One night Jesus told Lehi that in the morning he should continue his journey through the wilderness. When Lehi arose in the morning, he exited his tent and was astonished to find a round brass ball of fine workmanship called the Liahona. Within the ball were two spindles. One of them pointed which direction they should go into the wilderness.


As they traveled, Lehi's sons would hunt for food and the Liahona would point them toward the best areas for hunting. After many days, all of the bows of Lehi's sons had broken and everyone was tired and hungry. All the men except Nephi began complaining. The voice of Jesus chastised Lehi for complaining, and they were taught that the Liahona only works when they remain faithful.


Nephi made a wooden bow to replace his steel bow that had broken, and he was able to hunt enough food for everyone. They traveled on for many days before resting in a place called Nahom. There Ishmael died and was buried, and his daughters mourned for him with extreme sadness.

1 Nephi 16:30-35


The daughters of Ishmael then complained about Lehi, blaming him for their hunger, thirst, and weariness, and now the death of their father as well. Laman, Lemuel, and Ishmael's sons also complained about Lehi and Nephi. Angrily they accused Nephi of deceiving them with his cunning arts and plotting to be king over them in a foreign wilderness. They decided to kill Lehi and Nephi and return to Jerusalem.


But the voice of Jesus came and spoke many words severely chastising them. And after being chastised, they turned away their anger and repented of their sins. And Jesus once again began to supply them with food so that they did not starve to death.

1 Nephi 16:39


They traveled on, and during their eight years in the wilderness, they lived on raw meat, and the women bore children who were as strong as men. Lehi and Sariah bore two more sons named Jacob and Joseph. Finally they reached a place at the seashore they called Bountiful because of its plentiful fruit and honey, and they rejoiced greatly.



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