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In 75 BC, an antichrist named Korihor came into the land of Zarahemla and began to preach that there would be no Christ. "You look forward to a remission of your sins," said Korihor, "but this is the product of a frenzied mind deranged by the traditions of your fathers that led you to believe things that are not true."

Alma 30:1-16


When Korihor began to preach among Ammon's People, Ammon had him taken before Giddonah the high priest. "Why do you disrupt this people's rejoicings to teach that there will be no Christ?" asked Giddonah. Korihor answered, "The foolish traditions of your fathers have been used by priests to usurp power and keep the people in ignorance and slavery. You say that they are a fallen people because of a parent, but I say that a child is not guilty because of his parents."

Alma 30:19-25


Giddonah had Korihor tied up and brought to Alma the Younger, the chief judge over all the land. "Do you believe there is a God?" Alma asked him. "No, I demand evidence before belief," said Korihor. "I know that you do believe in God," said Alma, "but you are possessed by a lying spirit and you are in Satan's control." "I will not believe unless I see a miracle from God," said Korihor.

Alma 30:29-43


"Better that one soul be lost than to allow you to continue to lead many souls to their destruction," said Alma. "If you deny God again, God will strike you and you will become unable to speak ever again." "It's not that I deny the existence of God," said Korihor, "I just don't believe in God, and I won't unless you show me a miracle."

Alma 30:47-48


"Here is your miracle," said Alma. "You will never again be able to speak." As soon as Alma had spoken these words, Korihor lost his ability to speak. "Now you have your miracle, will you continue to argue?" asked Alma. Korihor then communicated through writing, admitting that he knew this had been done by the power of God.

Alma 30:49-52


Korihor went on to write that he had been deceived by Satan who appeared to him in the form of an angel. "Go and reclaim these people for me," Satan had instructed him, "for they have all gone astray. Tell them there is no God." And so Korihor had gone to preach among the people and Satan taught him what to say so that he would be successful. He then asked Alma to remove his curse so he could speak again.

Alma 30:53


But Alma told him that the curse would not be removed because if it were, Korihor would begin leading people astray again. And so Korihor was cast out to become a wandering beggar. News of what happened to him spread through the land and people repented lest what happened to him happen to them. One day while begging among the Zoramites, Korihor was trampled to death.

Alma 30:54-59


The Zoramites had separated themselves from the Nephites and perverted the ways of Jesus. Once a week they gathered in their synagogues where on a small central platform, one worshipper at a time would stand and say to God, "Holy God, we believe we are your chosen people and that you have saved us from the foolish traditions of our brothers. You have made it known to us that there will be no Christ, and that we will be saved while all others will be cast down to hell."

Alma 31:1-16


Alma brought Amulek and Zeezrom with him to preach among the Zoramites. And Amulek said to the Zoramites, "I know that Christ will come, because God's Plan of Salvation requires that an atonement be made for all the sins of mankind so that they do not have to suffer the just punishments for those sins. And this must be accomplished by a sacrifice, not of a bird or animal, but an infinite and eternal sacrifice."

Alma 31:6
Alma 34:1-10


"Only in this way can people be saved if they have faith in Christ and repent of their sins," said Amulek. "There are many who say, 'Show me a miracle and then I will believe,'" said Alma, "but is that faith? No, for when you know something for certain, you don't need faith. Blessed are those who are not stubborn and who believe without certain knowledge."

Alma 34:15-16
Alma 32:16-18


"You don't need certain knowledge of my words to start believing, just the desire to believe," said Alma. "Over time, these words will swell within your breast in a way that feels good, and this will help you believe that these words are good, and your faith in them will be increased. Your soul will be enlightened and your mind expanded, and you will know that the words are good and your faith will become strong."

Alma 32:26-30


Many among the Zoramites were converted by their words. When the rulers and priests of the Zoramites heard what was being preached in their land, they were angry because it was harming their religion. So they found out who all the converts were and kicked them out of their lands. And so these Zoramite converts went to live as refugees among the Nephites in the land of Jershon.

Alma 35:3-9



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