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Abraham's great-grandson Joseph brought his father's family, the Israelites, down to Egypt. Before Joseph's death at age 110, he told his brothers that Jesus had visited him and told him that a great prophet named Moses would arise to rescue his descendants from slavery in Egypt.


Jesus had also given him a vision of the faraway land of America, and Joseph was told that his descendants would travel there. Joseph saw that in the last days another of his descendants would become a great prophet like Moses. This faithful seer and his father would both be named Joseph, and he would restore the gospel of Jesus, bringing forth new scripture, and putting an end to false doctrines.


"I go down to my grave with joy," said Joseph to his brothers. After he died, Joseph was embalmed and put in a coffin in Egypt, so that one day he could, in accordance to his wishes, have his body brought back to the land of Israel and buried in the tomb of his father.



Jesus and Satan Visit Moses

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