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King Omer grew old and was succeeded by his son Emer, who ruled as righteously as his father had. Jesus began to take the curse off the land, and over the course of the next 62 years, the kingdom of Emer became extremely strong and extremely rich with all kinds of fruit, grain, silks, fine linen, gold, silver, and other precious things.

Ether 9:14-17


They had all kinds of cattle, oxen, cows, sheep, swine, goats, and many other kinds of animals which were useful for eating.

Ether 9:18


They also had horses, donkeys, elephants, cureloms, and cumoms. These were all useful to mankind, particularly the elephants, cureloms, and cumoms. It is not known what kind of animals cureloms and cumoms were.


King Emer ruled righteously his entire life, and Jesus poured out his blessings over the land—a land finer than all others. Jesus even appeared to Emer. Jesus warned that whoever possessed this promised land must serve him or else he would pour out the fullness of his wrath and destroy them when their wickedness reached its limit.


After Emer, his son and then his grandson also ruled righteously, and they lived to be 102 and 142 years old, respectively. The people spread out across the entire land, but they became extremely wicked again. When Emer's great grandson Com had reigned for 49 years, his son Heth embraced the secret plans of old and killed his father with his own sword.

Ether 9:21-27


Heth became king and during his reign, prophets arose who warned the people to repent or else Jesus would destroy them with a terrible famine. But the people did not listen to the prophets and King Heth had them exiled or thrown into pits and left to die.

Ether 9:27-29


And so a terrible famine came. There was no rain, and the people began dying immediately, including King Heth and most of his family.

Ether 9:30
Ether 10:1


Then poisonous snakes covered the land and poisoned many people as they attempted to flee, and many people died.

Ether 9:31-33


Finally when those still surviving were at the brink of death, they repented their wickedness and pleaded with Jesus. When they had sufficiently humbled themselves, Jesus caused the snakes to stop chasing them and sent rain to fall across all the land. Jesus demonstrated his power to the people by saving them from the famine.

Ether 9:34-35



Jesus Sends Diseases

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