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A long, loud trumpet blast will be heard throughout the world and every person—both the living and the dead—will see Jesus clothed in red, coming in great glory on the clouds, accompanied by Moses, Noah, Elijah, Abraham, Enoch, and a host of heaven. The earth will reel and shake as all the continents reunite into a single landmass.


There will be no doubt over who has arrived, and people of all the nations will tremble in fear of the terror of Jesus. Those who mocked and laughed at the idea of the Second Coming will realize their folly. They will weep and gnash their teeth and wish that the mountains would fall on them.


The tombs of the Saints will burst open, and the righteous dead will rise from the grave. Angels will also gather the righteous living, and they will all be caught up to meet Jesus in the sky, and they will sing songs about Jesus day and night forever and ever. This is the first resurrection. The second resurrection, when the wicked are brought forth out of their torments in Hell, won't happen for another 1,000 years.



Also from the creator of The Brick Book of Mormon:

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