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You may find that you do not like something said by the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It might contradict your political or social views. But do not attempt to find fault with the Church president, for he has been chosen by God to act as his mouthpiece and representative on Earth, and God will never allow him to lead us astray. You should follow the words and commandments that God gives through his prophet as if they were coming straight from the mouth of God himself.


The president of the Church's two counselors and the Church's current-day Twelve Apostles are also seers, prophets, and revelators. Your safest course of action is to strictly follow God's words as given through his prophets. Do not merely follow some of their inspired teachings and discard those you find unpleasant or difficult. Half-obedience to God's will is a sham and will be rejected by God just as quickly—perhaps even more quickly—than a full violation of his will.


Remember: no members of the Church or any non-members can receive a revelation from God that includes instructions for those higher in Church authority than themselves. God simply does not work that way. There have been male and female Church members who were strict in their observance of all of God's commandments, and yet have been deceived into thinking they received a divine visitation which was actually Satan disguised as an angel of light.


If any prophecy, vision, dream, or revelation is in contradiction to accepted Church doctrine; or the teachings of Church authorities; or true scientific principles and discoveries; or demonstrated truths, known facts, or good common sense, it is not of God and should be rejected—no matter how plausible it may appear. God and his doctrines do not change. Sometimes through his prophets, however, God does change practices and programs. New revelations are necessary for new generations.


There are false teachers and anti-Christs within the Church today who use smooth words and learning to deceive other Church members. They call into question decisions and directions of God's anointed prophets. They advocate for things like modifications to Church doctrine and more liberal moral standards. Those who have not fortified themselves against such false teachers have been led to become inactive Church members, or worse yet, have become apostates by leaving the Church completely.


When someone begins to find fault with Church leaders or Church teachings by asking "Does this or that look as though the Lord dictated it?", that person has the spirit of apostasy. If that spirit is encouraged, it will lead to a presumptuousness, a separation from the Church, and ultimately to their destruction. Those who leave the Church do not realize that Satan has taken hold of them. They give up the blessings of the Church and in return receive a darkened, confused mind, death, and then Hell.


If someone who once knew the truth as a member of the Church later begins to fight against Jesus's authorized servants, that person is also fighting against Jesus himself. Thus, such people crucify Jesus afresh and are guilty of shedding Jesus's innocent blood. Such people will not merely suffer the tortures of Hell until the resurrection, but on Judgment Day they will be sentenced along with Satan to an eternity of torment in the Outer Darkness.



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