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Heavenly Father intends that marriage be eternal. Yet divorce has become increasingly commonplace. This cancerous plague is the work of Satan, and it is one of principal tools he uses to destroy faith. When the covenant of marriage is willfully broken, God is offended, and the guilty party will have to answer for what they have done. Whether someone has broken up their own or someone else's marriage, their dire punishment will be eternal misery.


Much of the behavioral disorders and crime in the United States is the result of children growing up without a father in the house. Children of divorce suffer from higher delinquency rates and less self-confidence. They are more promiscuous, and are more likely to have unhappy marriages. The world over, child poverty, crime, and drug abuse can be traced to a lack of male nurturing.


The future of children from such homes is almost inevitably bleak. They live in a world of evil with gangs on our streets and children killing children. The United States cannot build prisons fast enough to accommodate the overwhelming tide of children born to mothers without husbands, and the costs to build and maintain so many prisons is nearly beyond comprehension. Broken homes lead to broken societies.


Responsible citizens and government leaders across the world must promote measures designed to strengthen and maintain families having both a mother and a father as the fundamental unit of society. Any society that puts a low value on the sacred institution of marriage is setting itself up for disaster. Unless they repent, they will bring upon themselves a holocaust.


Saying that a married couple has developed "personality differences", that they have "grown apart", or that they "no longer love each other", are feeble excuses and are by no means acceptable reasons for violating the sacred and solemn promise that spouses made to each other and to God. Marriage is difficult. It has never been easy. Divorce is not a cure for an unhappy marriage.


If you are a married woman who feels unloved and unwanted, who is constantly complaining and seeing only the dark side of life, look into your own heart and mind. Put a smile on your face, and make yourself attractive. It is hard to be sad or angry when you are smiling. Brighten up your outlook.


Far too many married men think of themselves as an irresistible catch for the attractively dressed and made-up young women at work. Such a man then complains that his wife doesn't look the same as she did 20 years ago when he married her. But the more unkindly a wife is treated, the more she loses pride in herself, and the less attractive she becomes. Who would look the same after being married to a husband like that for 20 years?


Some husbands are thoughtless, unkind, abusive, or evil. They indulge in pornography and unwholesome fantasies, bringing about situations that destroy themselves, their marriage, and their families—the most sacred relationships of all. Aside from abuse, no other marital issue affects the very soul of a wife more than the consumption of pornography by a husband.


Every divorce comes from the selfishness of one or both partners. Any couple that is determined, unselfish, and righteous can make their marriage happy and successful. The remedy for marriage stress is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. When a husband and wife frequently go to the temple together, attend Church meetings together, kneel in prayer at home together, and keep their lives completely chaste, and keep their thoughts and desires centered on each other, they will find happiness.



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