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The Celestial Kingdom itself is comprised of three degrees, and only those who were married in a temple, sealed to their family, and faithfully kept all the commandments of God will be exalted to the highest degree of celestial glory and will continue on as a family for all eternity. Achieving this should be your life goal.


Those reaching this highest heaven are crowned with honor and glory, becoming kings and queens, priests and priestesses of God—but the head of the family unit remains the father, for the patriarchal order is of divine origin and continues throughout time and eternity. Those couples who did not marry in a temple will become angels acting as ministering servants to those worthy of a far greater glory.


The destiny of those in this highest heaven is to increase their divine powers until they possess all the power, glory, knowledge, and dominion that Heavenly Father has, and become gods themselves. They will become Heavenly Parents to trillions and trillions of spirit children of their own in ever increasing number without end.


Each such god will populate, rule over, and control countless earths, guiding his spirit children through their premortal and mortal lives, administering salvation, exaltation, and glory to his offspring, such that they too may become gods. Thus each Heavenly Father becomes king over many kings, each multiplying the kingdoms of the Heavenly Father who came before him, ad infinitum. Such glorious promises await us! What more could one wish for?


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