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To prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus, we have been commanded to preach the gospel to all nations. Already thousands of missionaries have been sent to many nations around the world, but many more missionaries are needed to carry out this important work. Every young man in the Church should set aside all educational, occupational, and marriage opportunities until completing a two-year full-time mission at his own expense.


Many of the world's people have been blinded by false teachings. They need to learn the truth from missionaries so they have the opportunity to accept the gospel. After attending a Missionary Training Center for two months—where 49 different languages are taught—and being assigned a companion, missionaries travel to a world location that has been selected and revealed to Church leaders by Jesus.


As a full-time missionary, you will rise at 6:30 each morning. After prayer, morning studies, teaching practice, and consultation with your missionary companion, your full day of proselyting should begin by 10am. Talk with as many people as possible each day. Avoid starting conversations with questions like "Do you have a few minutes...", instead immediately begin teaching and testifying to people, allowing them to feel the power of the Holy Ghost as it guides you in what to say.


Do not get into arguments or debates with those from other churches. In any place whatsoever where the people reject you, you are to depart immediately and leave a cursing on them by shaking the dust off your feet as a testimony against them. This absolves you of any responsibility for them, and you will be filled with joy and gladness knowing that on the day of judgement, they will be condemned and struck down by Jesus.


Young males who plan to serve as missionaries need to realize the importance of keeping themselves clean by never engaging in the dark and disappointing sin of masturbation. You may think it is a habit you can hide, but the long experience of others has shown that you cannot. No young man who has not freed himself from this practice should be called to serve a mission.


Young women do not have the same obligation as young men to serve a full-time mission. In fact, the minimum age for females to serve a mission is intentionally kept higher than that of males to limit their number. Also, young women should not serve a mission if it would interfere with a specific marriage proposal. But some amount of women are needed for missions because they can get into homes that male missionaries cannot.


Though we do not all serve full-time missions, every member of the Church is a missionary and is expected to perform missionary work. Take advantage of unplanned moments to explain the gospel to friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Invite them to Church meetings. Tell others you are happy because you obey the teachings of the gospel.


Technologies like television, radio, newspapers, magazines, satellites, computers, and the Internet can help bring the gospel message to all people. Jesus has told us that if you spend your entire life as a missionary, preaching repentance to all people, and at the end of your life, you have only managed to convert a single person to God, you will experience great joy in the presence of Heavenly Father in the eternal afterlife.



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