In the Beginning
From Creation to Babel
The Jaredites
Abraham, Joseph, and Moses
The Nephites and Lamanites
Jesus and the Great Apostasy
The Prophet Joseph Smith
The History of the Latter-Day Church
How to Live Today
The Postmortal Spirit World
The Second Coming
Judgment and Eternity

The Brick Book of Mormon is an ongoing project which illustrates the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in LEGO bricks, including material from the The Book of Mormon, Doctrines and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price, The History of the Church in the Fulness of Times, and many teaching manuals in use by the LDS Church. To maintain accuracy, each block of illustrated teachings is accompanied by direct links to the teaching material sources on the Church’s official website (

The goal of the project is to increase people’s knowledge and consideration of the tenets of LDS Church. To that end, the teachings have been rendered in clear, modern English and illustrated using LEGO building blocks, making them accessible and engaging to a wide audience. It is designed to capture the interest of non-Mormons curious to know what the LDS Church teaches, as well as believing Mormons looking for a fun new way to learn and share the history and teachings of their church.

To make such an epic endeavor easy to follow, the teachings are presented chronologically, starting with teachings related to events before the creation of Earth, then covering the events of ancient history. This is followed by the Church’s teachings about the life of the prophet Joseph Smith, and the history of the Church since the Restoration. The final part of the project presents the Church’s teachings about how to live in the present day, and ends with teachings about the Second Coming of Christ and the afterlife.

The project is entirely the work of artist Elbe Spurling, who (under the name Brendan Powell Smith) previously illustrated both the Old Testament and New Testament in LEGO as The Brick Bible, and for younger children published a series of storybooks known as The Brick Bible for Kids. Spurling's LEGO illustrated storytelling can also be seen in two recent history books in The Brick Chronicle series: Assassination! and Revolution!

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The Brick Book of Mormon is the copyright of Elbe Spurling and is not authorized, sponsored, or endorsed by The LEGO Group of Companies nor The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.